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Clients and Program Administrators' References and Testimonials

Our Clients and Program Administrators Supportive Comments & Testimonials

Denison and Associates’ clients (past and current) come in all sizes and span most economic sectors.

  • Deep Down, LLC is a family-owned business involved in the transporting of liquid fuels.

  • K. C. Electric is a family owned electrical contracting business.

  • Ad Solutions, LLC a woman owned full service marketing and advertising agency.

  • Dupont Building is a commercial construction contractor.

  • Bayou Pines West, LLC is a leasing and property management company.

  • Cameron Fire Equipment and Repair Shop, Inc. is a sales and service company for fire equipment and small engines in Louisiana.

  • AAA Legal Services is a private law firm.

  • Bob Savoie Cattle is a purebred Brangus cattle operation in Louisiana.

  • Lil’ Wranglers' Bowtique is a children’s clothing and accessories company in Louisiana.

  • Salon Elegance and Day Spa, LLC is a full-service day spa, beauty salon and health club in Louisiana.

  • Sean Ardoin and Zydekool, LLC is involved in music recording, entertainment, and has a fabulous Christian Zydeco band.

  • KJ’s Cajun Café is a family owned restaurant in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

  • Harrington Farms is a Southwest Louisiana family farm and cattle business.

  • Eric Dinger owns a commercial fishing and shrimping operation in Louisiana.

What our Program Administrators and Clients say about Denison and Associates -

Dr. Ronald L. Rainey, Professor/ Director, University of Arkansas. I have interacted with Dr. Denison's organization on the delivery of Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) for Farmers program. As the Co‐director of the Southern Risk Management Education Center at the University of Arkansas, I have been repeatedly impressed by her level of technical expertise and passion for serving their clientele. Based on her solid performance for our program, I would not hesitate to partner with her again to deliver education outreach.

The TAA for Farmers program is a large grant to deliver technical education and business planning assistance to farmers and fishermen negatively impacted by import competition for their commodities. There were over 10,000 applicants nationally with almost 5,000 of them being fishermen from the Gulf States. Cathy and her group has been a solid contributor throughout our program’s history. Her consistent and high level of performance to clients and entrepreneurs throughout Louisiana were high standards for the over 80 different consultants/organizations that collaborated on the TAA program. Cathy possesses the technical training, inter‐personal skills, and drive to not only effectively work with your clients but also to provide leadership and feedback on ways to assist your program management efforts.

Dr. Barbara Hatfield, Louisiana State University – Alexandria (LSUA) Vice Chancellor

Kirk Burleigh of Cameron Fire Equipment and Repair Shop, Inc.: Cameron, Louisiana. "I can still remember how much help you and your staff were to help my company with the paperwork and guidance needed to achieve the grant I received in order to promote my business after Hurricane Rita and to reopen my doors to keep old customers and produce new customers along the way. It was a huge benefit for the many hours and trips to Cameron so the people in need could receive funding to move their businesses forward. It takes a person with a special gift as well as a great staff with dedication and the desire to go the extra mile to progress in the business world to stand by others that we all can benefit from.

With the friendly help, personal touch and the determination of your firm the small local business would be able to proceed in the dreams they once had until Hurricane Rita destroyed them. Cameron Parish People are hard working, down to Earth and do not ask for much; but with Cathy Denison & Assoc., they showed that there really is a rainbow to look forward to when People that care for Cameron Parish to survive."

Sandy Treme, Calcasieu Parish Police Juror and Former President of the Police Jury Association of Louisiana. “ In Calcasieu and Cameron parishes, we can personally attest to the fantastic programs developed and implemented by Dr. Denison Robert. My family and our rural community members took advantage of her outstanding technology and enrichment summer camp programs. Her team of college and high school students, community volunteers, business partners, church members, and staff developed, organized, instructed, and led extremely successful community education events.

Dr. Denison Robert (Cathy) is a wonderful educator and consultant who has a passion for helping others reach their full potential both in life and in the workforce."

Joanie Theriot, Salon Elegance and Day Spa, Grand Lake, Louisiana. Mrs. Cathy Denison Robert, PhD is a very professional person. She is easy to work with and is very organized and helpful in providing us with information to help our business's growth and development.

Shannon Harrington, Harrington Farms: Sweetlake, Louisiana. “I really appreciate all of the help that Cathy and her staff gave me. We had a lot of damages after the storm, and they were there to take us through the steps of getting both a grant and loan. Ms. Denison and her help was essential in getting us through this tough time. The funds kept our business going.”

Sean Ardoin of Zydekool, LLC. “Cathy was very personable. She makes me feel extremely comfortable. She knows what she was talking about. She informed me of programs, business models, etc. that I would have never found. Her years of experience are definitely a plus.”

Susan Dunn of Ad Solutions, LLC: Lake Charles, Louisiana. “After the hurricanes of 2005, several local business owners and I met with Cathy Denison Robert who advised us concerning grant monies that were being allocated for Louisiana. Cathy's knowledge of how to apply was second to none and her understanding and compassion for small business owners during those dark days really gave us much needed hope. My company not only suffered with hurricane Rita in the Lake Area but also in my Baton Rouge office with wind damage from hurricane Katrina. When Governor Kathleen Blanco personally appeared at my advertising agency to present a grant of $20,000, I was truly grateful beyond words. I recognize it was Cathy’s understanding of my business as well as her tenacity and knowledge that has impacted my business to ensure a brighter future for Ad Solutions."



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